algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Does anyone have a definition that would generate something similar to the image below? I have an hourglass "column" that transitions to a "roof" that I would like to have this type of voronoi treatment. I've attached my rhino file in case that helps. Thanks for looking!

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this def is similar to systemiq example.*lRaly2LYoi*kjSgrBSnSMKII9dlo-RtOgdVasdrh1N28*tNitqqJ/voronoitorus.png


made by mc soler.

Hello RWNB,

Thank you for sharing this definition!

I followed it and put it together ok, except I was wondering what's the Expression that goes into the Scaling Factor for the first Scale component.

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you!

Google image search with a couple strategic key words located the source.  OP edited posting to share final definition.

the definition is created by vicente soler.

unfortunately i no longer have the definition

but vicente can answer your question.

hi systemiq, do you have any reference that i can learn for making something like your work? i am beginner with gh, thanks

plz send me the Definition

Hey there this is so cool how did you do this? I'm attempting to do the same with a model I'm working on and intersect isn't work as I expected. Please assist

Katie David, as Michael Pryor and systemiq suggested, this approach are very useful in your case and i think that will resolve your problem.

what is the topo component i cant find it... please help me out with the following

hi i was wondering where can you find the command topo on this script??

thank you 

Also looking for the topo script ! has anyone found it ?

Search  keyword "Topologizer" on the Google side bar.






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