algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm following through some video tutorials and have a multi-profile, open 1-rail sweep.

The preview is flipped. I found the tool for flipping a surfaces but one of the profiles has kinks so it's a BREP.

The only thing I could figure out was to Cap it.

Any other suggestions?

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Without the data > no cavalry

BTW: Brep.Flip is available as method

No indeed, there isn't a Brep Flip component. By rights the Surface flip component should be able to handle breps (and probably meshes too), but it doesn't right now.

Hi John, you could explode the Brep, flip the Faces and then join them again:

Ah! Good idea. I hadn't thought of that.


You're welcome. You could also just flip the rail you are using (or the profiles - whatever works for your situation)

And creating a component in the brep section with an icon that does that?






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