algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Version 0.074 of Kangaroo physics is now available on Food4Rhino


It includes several additions and changes:


Springs can now have both an upper and lower cutoff. This opens up the possibility to combine them to create a spring with multiple rest-lengths.

There is a (hidden) legacy spring component so files created with the previous version should still open.


The wind force now has the option 'relative', which when set to true means relative motion between the triangle and the air will create a reaction force.

So you can make various flying/sailing machines...



Wind also now has the option 'Waterline'. This lets you create effects which apply only above or only below the ground plane. So for sailing simulations you can have a different wind velocity above the surface, and another 'wind' force with higher strength for the effects of water drag on the hull.


There is a new force 'Hydro', which is a depth dependent pressure.

So the further below the ground plane the surface is, the stronger the force. This allows for the simulation of buoyancy, and things that float.


Finally, there is a 'level set' force as shown here

Level sets / implicit surfaces / isosurfaces are contours of a 3D scalar field. Instead of sampling the field at the corners of the cells of a grid (the usual way of finding these surfaces), this force uses the gradient function of the field to pull particles towards a particular level. If the particles are linked together with springs and given a reasonable starting configuration, then they can be used to create a nice mesh of the level set.


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Brilliant ! Thank you so much Daniel, most of our students are using Kangaroo, it has been so helpful.


I don't think many people will spot this annoucement.  I got a Food4Rhino notification.

Maybe put up a blog post?

Level set looks fun, I'll be checking it out.


I came back to say the whirl-i-gig helicopter is awesome!

Good clean fun.

Thanks Taz

I think the relative wind opens up a lot of exciting new possibilities.

I only tried sailboats and helicopters so far, but it should be possible to simulate gliders, kites, propeller planes, birds...

You could even control it with Firefly/Kinect, stick a camera on your moving vehicle with Horster - and you've got a flight sim game!

Awesome! Thank you so much Daniel!

Amaizing like always DANIEL!!!!

Thank you Very much....

hi daniel, hi all,

i just looked at the 'level set' example. what does the 'unarry force' exactly do and is it possible the give the charges weights? or is it a future aim?

anyway i think this component is another really nice feature of kangaroo! i assume you also used it for the isosurfaces in combination with the voronoi shown last or was it 'just' a smoothed mesh . can you tell us also anything about that?

thx & good night!

amazing! thanks for sharing! 






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