algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Could someone quickly point out how to use the new highlight feature which is similar to grouping?  I've seen it used in a few people's definitions? (In version 0.7.xxxx)

Best, Elizabeth

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Hi Elizabeth,

Not sure what this highlight feature is, could you link to a post with an example?

If you click on one of the colored areas and move it around, everything inside moves with it. Also, the colored (highlighted) bounding box grows or shrinks to the components within it.

I will attached the grasshopper file I worked on which already had it in there before I helped fix it...

That is the grouping feature. If you right click on a grouped set of components you can gain access to the colour choices and also the group naming value.

Well that was easy enough- thanks :)
Don't forget you can double-click to make it bubbly!

That's hillarious.






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