algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I'm just starting out with grasshopper-

I have a series of curves with spheres along them and I am trying to make it so that the spheres at the one end are the largest and gradually get smaller as they go along.

I've tried using attractor points but that gives me inconsistent sizes, does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do this?


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Post some code!!!!

Maybe consider pointing newcomers in the right direction, might save you some exclamation marks!

It's so damn tiresome to repeat the obvious.

Amen to that! But what it obvious to us isn't necessarily that obvious to a newcomer. Was just hoping that we lighten the tone around here a bit. It's been somewhat harsh lately. Which is quite understandable, what with the influx of 7/7B class questions being posted and such :(

Also, apologies for derailing the thread..

It's been somewhat harsh lately.

Oh?  I guess if four exclamation marks is harsh then this world is too delicate for me.

Venting frustrations on newcomers is hardly constructive. That has little to do with being delicate (IMO).

Your scolding and snowflake sensitivity has worn thin...

Seriously Joseph, the snowflake card. I rest my case :)

Thank you.  Newcomers can Read this first! How to get help on this forum or not, it's up to them.  If they don't, they may get some grief by not following procedure.  If you call this grief: "!!!!".

See, I'd argue the same thing about your pedantic rudeness.

Thanks! Sorry, I really dont want to waste anyone's time. 

Hope this makes more sense!


No worries. Afraid I don't quite follow the logic of your definition (with the fields and what not). Anywho, here's a simple approach that might help (note the grouping/annotations that helps document the algorithm):







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