algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Need a help with "Sin Curve with Attractor Point"

Hi every one

I am new with grasshopper, I found a video from youtube Does any one know how to do that? Which componets doing that? I have a simple version, please help me to complete, thanks for your help.

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Hi Wei,

Did you want to do a 2d field of points that respond to an attractor point?

Please see attachment and respond.




Hi Ognek

Thanks for your help, but I can not open the attachment, could you

post a screen short shows which components you have been used in

above image, it really interesting.

All the best.


Hi Ognek

I can open your definition now, I am looking it now.

Thank you very much indeed.


All the best.


Hi Wei, this is my attempt at simulating that behaviour. mind you, the calculation is pretty heavy!


Hi Pieter

Thank you very much indeed. Finally, this one is really cool, might for you is nothing, but it will help a lot for my future design and skilles. Thank you again.


All the best.


hey cane you please show and the rhino file because is not working for me..

Hi Ana, just reference a point in Rhino. I'd suggest creating it at the origin to get an initial result, then drag it. But I guess you'll have figured this out by now... sorry about my late response.

hey piter.yes i understand thet i have te take a pint but is something happens then i don't get the result.Attached is the mistake i get.thanks for the reply.


The Project component is disabled (dull grey) so that means it is not outputting any geometry. I think this is what's causing your orange cascade.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

hey david....thanks a lot!






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