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Hi Guys,

I have been using grasshopper for a while and i wish there would be more control over the 3D text tag and other text tools:
-It d be great if you could modify the font type and characteristics (bold, italic, underlined), define an offset from origin point, change color...

This would make the transfer from 3d to 2d much more efficient.



An example of how jammed it can become:

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by chance I just found out that if you make a text object in rhino of a particular font, grasshopper automatically updates text objects to have that font. In other words, it seems to simply use whatever font appears by default at the moment if you were to bring up the text object dialogue in Rhino.

I am still trying to cut down on the time I spend making single stroke fonts for CNC work.
Actually, it is the "Text" command. The "TextObject" command will not cause the grasshopper default font to change.
Thanks Benjamin i will try that.
also, while searching for other text stuff I found this discussion which includes a very handy definition by Giulio Piacentino.
Hmm... Interesting. There are some single line fonts for Rhino, but there are some setting that can be only set as a "TextObject" in order for the font to come out correctly. See the following sample:

I typically bake the font, and then explode it twice into little pieces, and then use this definition to clean it up.






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