algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I would like to place a point at the centre of all the faces of a mesh and/or all the surfaces of a polysurface.

If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate.

Many thanks

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Surface>Analysis>Brep Area gives centroids

Thanks a lot Daniel,

Would you know how to place a line representing the normal of each mesh face on each of these centroid points ?

I thought i would put place line SDL with centroids as start point and mesh normal as direction but it doesn t work, even when i unify the normals...
From Daniel's def take the centroid and find the surface closest point [Surface>Analysis>SurfaceCP]...this will give you the UV parameters of the point on the can feed this into a Surface>Analysis>Evaluate Surface to get the normal direction. Feed this into your line SDL, with the cetroid as the starting point...make the length what you wish...
Thanks a lot guys,
It works perfect !





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