algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello everyone,


this is a small script which introduces the meshFromPoints command.

Prior to using the script, make sure you've installed the MeshFromPoints plugin for rhino.


Place the attachment in your userObjects folder (C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects)


Hope you'll find it usefull


Many thanks to David Rutten and Giulio Piacentino.


(it will appear in your extra tab)



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Hello Stefano,

your welcome, but in the mean while i think you should consider checking millipede - and starling depending on what geometry you have -

Good luck! ;)

Well Tudor, thanks twice!!!

I'm working with metaballs, and the issue of constructing a surface or even a good mesh on the given 2d curves is well known and long treated with many discussions...

I think that the "marching cubes iso surface" or maybe even the subsequent "geometry wrapper" command of Millipede can be a wonderful solution, but to be honest not as fast as your component!

I definitely need to study Millipede too.

Thanks again,


Glad it helped you out


can you upload your solution with millipede? I can't construct the surface/ mesh on the given 2D curves

Hi Tudor,

I downloaded your meshFromPoints script but I can't get it to work, actually Grasshopper crashes if I connect points. There is an 'old' sign on the definition, is the a newer one?

Thanks, Wieland

OK, Grasshopper did not crash, it only took 7,7 minutes.... ;-)

Helo Wieland,

It is indeed not the best way when you deal with a great amount of points ;)

Hi Tudor

Is there an updated version of this component.



When I try to use this with about 20000 points, there is a considerable delay in the response due to the loop where the point ID's are stored.  Is there a way to avoid this loop and simply select the baked points without due regard to their respective ID's.

Many thanks

Hi! When I try to download this plugin the computer informs me that I don't have a program associated with this file to perform this action. Do you know which program can I download to be able to associate it with?


This plugin seems to generate an approximation of a shape enclosed by the mesh vertices. Is there, besides a marching cube type approximation, an exact way to create a mesh from points, the input points all ending up as mesh vertices?






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