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can someone explain UTO's mesh from points component. I always seem to get the error invalid U and V count. Also can it create meshes on point systems that are non planar? 


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The mesh from points component is no longer a part of rhino. I am not sure if you've tried it but the delaunay mesh component makes a great mesh from points. It might serve useful to make a mesh using that and cull the faces that you don't want to use. Check out the file for more info

isnt meshfrom points is now a rhino plug-in? and uto makes now a mesh from points component. I know David Rutten uses it for his metaball experiments.




yes it is a plugin. I didn't know you had to be using that...

From what I know you are getting errors because the total number of points is not divisible by the U and V values you put in (u*v must equal point count). I'm sure you've thought of this and sorry I couldn't be of more help.

I dont remember where i get the links, but try this:

Drag and drop the MeshFromPoints.ghuser in GH canvas and try the component.. if that doesnt work, download this:

and replace the MeshFromPoints.rhp in the rhinoceros/plugins folder.



I have already used that ghuser file, heres a video i posted using it,, Uto's seems more accurate when working, from looking at some work using it, I just can never get it to not have an invalid UV error. thanks


I found that if you are careful to have the same number of points on each isocurve level than the ghuser file gives quite a nice result.  So if you have a trunk that branches into 3 and then back into one, when its one trunk divide the isocurve into 30 parts, then divide each of the 3 branches should be divided into 10, and then the main trunk after they merge back together should be divided into 30.


Hi all,

I am trying to generate a mesh from a set of points. The points are basically coming from a surface but then I manipulated them with an attractor point. The problem is that when I want to generate a mesh from those points, GH gives me this error "Insufficient number of points" for U and V values.

Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.







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