algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey guys, this is probably a no brainer, I thought trim tree would do it.. I'm trying to reduce the tree so that each would contain its 3 branches  on one branch . Basically it should just be a list with 4 branches , each one containing the data of x,0 x,1 and x,2

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you are right:) as I wrote to Peter as a reply, I had a mistake in my data because I flattened and grafted it and lost the data structure so I didn't get the right results for what I needed and I mistakingly thought its a tree trim problem..

This is why you post code!  I've seen many times here where the person asking the question has completely missed the point where an error occurred and is asking entirely the wrong question.  Hence the forum guidelines.  People go crazy with 'Flatten' and 'Graft' without any clue about what they're doing and then think they know the path to success, if only ______.

One glance at the code and it's often obvious where the trouble started and how to fix it; but it's not at all what the person thought or described.

I don't know why you're so worked up about this. Sometimes people don't post enough information for a problem to be solved - and that's irritating. But this isn't one of those times. There was a picture and a description of what he was trying to achieve, and he got answers. Sure, more information is always better; if you don't want to help, don't - no reason to be snide.

Or as the man himself put it....

Hey, this is bullshit.  I was called an ass for saying this:

Hah, hah!  No code, "no brainer" - no problem!  Too typical lately...

And you call me rude?  Shame on you.

Yeah, because you were an ass. Anders was (rightly) pointing out that you could have at least gotten your point across in a way that was less rude and more aimed at alleviating this epidemic of code-less posting that you seem so angry about. Instead you laughed at someone asking for help and didn't contribute anything productive. What's the point of a message like that?

And even if your first post was only slightly asinine, all the subsequent ones certainly have earned you the moniker.

wut is grashoper

wut is rino

wut is love






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