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I'm working on part of a larger definition for the fabrication of some objects.  Essentially I will have a large number of closed brep crystal like objects and want to measure the angle between each adjacent face.  I'm attempting to use the Brep topology to measure the angle between adjacent faces and then place the angle as a tag along each edge.  I feel like this should work but its measure all the angles as 0.  

Any help on this would be appreciated. 


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This is rather old, but if you peruse the post there may be some helpful info.

Thanks Taz!,

Small world, working on this for I believe our mutual friend Mike.

Ah, I didn't check your page.  I told Mike before I had fully recreated his Maya script in GH...

Anyway, we can take this offline if you want me to try and dig up the old definition.

Tell Mike that Robert had his baby last Sunday.

That definition would be extremely useful for me right now.  I've been beating my head against the desk trying to manage this data tree.  I was trying to find the angle for making offset corrections to the panels and from the looks of that thread it seems you found a way.

 I'll let him know about the baby when he gets back in the office.  

Thanks again!

OK, but it's old (version compatibility not guarenteed) and (probably) not well commented.  I'll add you as a friend and you can send me your e-mail.

any chance i could get it as well? pretty please and thanks!- e






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