algorithmic modeling for Rhino

During thickening a network of curves I wanted network with dead ends. Mazes were good candidates to obtain dead ends and continous path. I looked at  Mac Gros definition  :

and to some others explanations  :

I implemented two algorithms generating perfect maze (one path to whatever point to whatever point) recursive backtracker and Kruskal's algorithm. These algorithms are applied to mesh were the edges are walls and the centers of faces are used for paths.

Perhaps Andrei Nejur IVY components could be used but, the ones I have tested are not enough random.


The components are very simple you have just to input a mesh (welded) and a seed (integer) for random object. The components outputs List of lines for walls and path (just one).

Recursive Backtracker

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I am really fascinated by your work Laurent. I have downloaded the above gh, installed all missing plugins...but am getting runtime error on the mesh element at the top of the canvas as per the screenshot...sorry about the newb questions but there is a lot to learn (and unlearn unfortunately).

I am really just wanting to generate the Diptore example on a square and bake it...just bake the mesh right?



It is not a problem, mesh wants mesh and and lines instead. Follow the flow and try to see where it go and what component do. You will see that there is toggle to output mesh and the toggle is false => no mesh. 

It is more fast without mesh. When you are  happy with the mesh, you output mesh. 

So try options, follow the flow, use the green toggle in GH UI "Only draw geometry that is selected ...' to see how data is treansformed. Use panel to see what kind of data. Not easy at the start :-)

Thanks...excellent help. Just understanding basic functioning on the canvas helps enormously...

I would like to try printing/casting a tile but the vertical faces will need a 0.25% draft angle so that the mould will release properly. Is it better to do that in Rhino or is possible in GH? Even a small fillet around the top edges of the maze will help with diffusion...but having a quick seems not available in GH at this time?

Here is version for generating seamless rectangular mesh. The trick is to use a torus mesh and to deform the maze to a plane. 

Here a 3x3 array of maze. 

Maze Alone

Maze on Torus

Here a way to generate some height map with maze walls






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