algorithmic modeling for Rhino

During thickening a network of curves I wanted network with dead ends. Mazes were good candidates to obtain dead ends and continous path. I looked at  Mac Gros definition  :

and to some others explanations  :

I implemented two algorithms generating perfect maze (one path to whatever point to whatever point) recursive backtracker and Kruskal's algorithm. These algorithms are applied to mesh were the edges are walls and the centers of faces are used for paths.

Perhaps Andrei Nejur IVY components could be used but, the ones I have tested are not enough random.


The components are very simple you have just to input a mesh (welded) and a seed (integer) for random object. The components outputs List of lines for walls and path (just one).

Recursive Backtracker

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This Maze can create some interesting motifs, such as this, incorporated into a Shoji Screen..... Thanks Laurent!

Cool to see some new idea of use. Thanks Kim.

Laurent generalized it to arbitrary 3D meshes here:

nice algorithms laurent!

Thanks Christian, nice drawing (spider or Octopuss). 

not decident yet what it is :)

i think these kind of structures would be nice for laser cutting as they always consist of one piece..

will post something as soon i get the opportunity to cut & thank for sharing!

Where would be a good place to start in terms of finding the elements that made this type of art? Obviously a bitmap generated the general shape...but I mean the control of the thickness etc?

To make the same things everything is on this post script and some links to thicken a network of lines

Thanks again...truly excellent work. A whole new pallet of tools...I am so encouraged by your generosity in sharing a lot of hard work. 

  • Is there precedent for running various maze algorithms on irregular nets? Did you know beforehand this was possible?






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