algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I'm studing this def of digital toolbox

I recreated the def and find no problem on the waffle part.

Unfortunately I can't see my section oriented on the surface...

Can't understand where is the problem because I follow each step of tutorial...

I attach 3ds and gh files.

Thanks for your help!


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Maybe I wasn't clear with the question...the problem is that my definition didn't work properly because I can't see the sections that I need to cut on a horizontal plane.

Hi Aldo! You are getting null section curves hereBecause your closed breps doesnt intersect with planes (see pic). I have oriented closed breps Without section step. Regards


Lucas thank you as usual!

Now I have my section well oriented. I baked the section and than checked the connection beetween them. I don't know why but seems that the wholes beetween sections doesn't work well as you can see. I think is because of the bounding box that I use to cut.

What you think?

Thank you!


Thank you sifiss! I opened your def there are solid difference and region difference components that aren't connected to anything. To see how it works have I to open the cluster? Because like this the twi curve and brep components doesn't collect anything.

For sure I'm makin a mistake (maybe with the firs brep...don't know!)

I try to work with a different geometry (taken by Kangaroo and weaverbird).

I created a mesh and than made it thicken with weaverbird.

Now doesn't seem to work the waffle part!


still didnt watch at waf 1. And somenthing happens at the solid difference because one rib is missed (maybe a bug??)

Your firs deff doesnt work because it isnt a cube, your def moves geometry to one point to difference there but geometry needs middle point of every intersection... Watch my deff to see what i mean. Cheers!


Now with your mesh!! ;)

No rib missed in this case.


thx lucas! I'm workin on it right now! always great help!!!

lucas this is your def a little bit changed. It give me some problem with the last component! thx for you help!


Im sorry Aldo but its the same situation as in the post where i said it could be a bug. i cant help you here and will be nice if someone could show us what happen here or if we should post it on errors and bugs.






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