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Hi !

I'm happy to see Make 2D components in GH at last, but I'm really confused by the way they are set up.

What's the deal with using rectangles to define the view ?

How does the center of the rectangle influence the result ?

I'm trying to make corresponding views using the European convention, but I can't figure out how to bring my views together in the proper way since the components seem to scatter the projections in an unusual way.


Is there any documentaion / examples yet ?

Regarding the quality of the projections, the results I get are quite aweful (missing edges all over the place, projections failing altogether for no apparent reason,...).

The Rhino command seems to be making a better job with the same objects ; I wonder why...


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No documentation yet I'm afraid. When I wrote the components the view setup was still very cumbersome to do in code. I believe they've made it easier, but I haven't had time to get back to it. 

You should think of the rectangle as the boundary of the viewport you'd normally use to set up a Make2D view. Although to be fair it doesn't work 100% the same.

The easiest way to do it now is to have named views in the 3dm file, and plug those same names as text into the [Make2D Rhino View] component.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply.

I could manage the view angles, but the results are just not useable...

Why not use the same "Make 2D" engine as the WIP ?

It works rather well, and the silhouette curves are a nice novelty...


There's only one Make2D engine, but there is still a lot of logic inside the Make2D command I cannot access. 

I don't know what would work best though for setting up views in Grasshopper. How would you prefer to define them?

Hi David,

it would make sense that only a plane be used to define orientation of the projection, and that the origin of that plane be used as a, say, the bottom-left point for the bounding box of the resulting 2D objects.

A "one-stop-shop" to define what you want.

Also, I think it would be a good idea to provide boolean inputs to generate American and European "4 views" projections in one go.

A "Bake" input would make a whole lot of sense too.


Hi David

Now that the new Rhino is out with the brand new grasshopper I was wondering if there was any documentation on the make 2d

I have been testing it and for complicated geometry it keeps throwing an error.

1. Hidden line drawing failed to compute.

Is the clipping plane the plane where it starts to clip, or the one that defines the depth of what is to be made 2d?

Any help would be much appreciated, the make 2D is an amazing tool to have.

Thanks for all the beautiful work put into this, that enables the rest of us to work so much more efficiently. If it wasn't for grasshopper i would have quit architecture long long ago.






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