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Hey there! 

I have a question about Truncation with the LunchBox Plugin.

The Truncation for polyhedra can be set from 0-1 but I couldn't find an answer what the exact value for a truncated octahedron would be?

In this thread

Anders Holden Deleuran suggested a value of 0.691 but this doesn't seem to be right.

When I start to copy the solids bei 2pt Vector (see attached aggregation.png) I can still see little "gaps" between each solids which shouldn't be there because the truncated octahedron is a 100% space filling polyhedra.

When playing with the truncation slider I can see that the real value should be somewhere between 0.667-0.668, but I need the 100% exact value for my further progress.

(I want to deconstruct the octahedron in smaller parts, which can be used in an aggregation of 1000-2000 pieces with the Wasp Plugin).

I hope someone can answer this and thanks a lot in advance!

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Why not use the Polyhedron plugin for Rhino? You may be inspired.

Thank you for this suggestion. I will continue my work this way, as it seems to create exact polyhedra. Still it would be interesting to know how the "truncation" Operation actually works in the LunchBox functions. 

I don't understand why it can be so hard to create an exact archimedean solid with the regular grasshopper tools. 

"100% exact value" would be 2/3






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