algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey guys. I'm trying to learn about this great plugin.

I'm looking for a component that splits a list in a list of list.

I have 60 values, and i'd like to get a list of 15 sublists of 4 values each.

Can you help me out ?

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aw, thats good to hear! you're very welcome Michael... good to know my late night rambling could help.


I just think this tool is so amazing and fun, its great to be a part of a growing community, and help eachother find clever solutions for our creative endeavors.

Yea, I agree, GH is very addicting, anyway check out on my page my newest photo, I used some of my new found knowledge for it. Thanks again.

Just needed to let you know that this UserObject is a great solution... Saved me another day of digging around... Thanx Oliver

great tool

It is not needed anymore, GH has a "partition list" native component now

thnx Michael :)






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