algorithmic modeling for Rhino

is there a possibility in gh to "envelope" a waveform audio curve?

I have a waveform as a polyline, created by positive and negative z values (read from the .wav-file). I would like to create a smooth spline, as shown in the picture (screenshot of houdini - just to show the desired result). For creating these curves, i have to create a list with all the maximum values and another one with the minimum values - after that i can interpolate a curve.

How can i create a list with only the highest values? After getting these points i would Control the accuracy of the spline with the number of the control points...

thanks! :)

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That's how i got the polyline, but still i need only the maximum values (and the minimum in a seperate list). but thanks for the quick respond!

Can you post your file ? Its always simpler for us to help. 






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