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Hi guy, 

i suppose i have a problem of sorting of the points. the points on X curve are generated as a lenght divide component. While the points on A curve are intersection component output beetween A curve and B, C, ...I curves. 

I need to connect each of the points on X curve to only one of the points set on the A curve. 

If i use the line component the result is lots of lines beetween the points, while instead i want connections as in the image. 

should i use a sorting comonent or other flatten compnent? where? grateful for any possible suggestion and if possible sample definition structure file.


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You need to use sort list component, the sorting shall be based on key parameters depending on the geometry (for example x coordinate of the points).

It would be better if you send your definition.

You can use "Sort Along Curve"(Vector-->Point-->Sort Along Curve) to sort the intersection points out on the curve A along the curve A direction.

it keeps on making the same thing even if i use the sort along curve component

Who else can help without your data?

Something like this ?

exactly. can you attach the files?

Or this ? Like suggested by Hyungsoo, Sort along curve works always perfectly, it depends on your case.

If you post your definition, we can find out why it is not working from your end.

As I said, If you have used the "Sort Along Curve"component properly, then there's no reason the function will not work.

It seems there's no problem with "Sort Along Curve".

If you want "Red connections", try to use "Shift List" with offset 1 or -1.






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