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Firstly, I had a "grasshopper breakpoint” problem of ladybug-honeybee plugins and I couldn’t use any components. So, I decided to remove and reinstall these couple of programs. But, after then I can’t install them again. As far as I've learned from tutorial videos, I downloaded these plugins, open files but I can’t throw component files into the grasshopper. Grasshopper rejected them. Therefore, this plug-ins could not load. I don't know what caused that. My computer operating system is Windows 10. I wonder if the problem is because version differences. I'd appreciate If you help installing the plug-ins. 


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Did you try directly putting them in the folder?

In grasshopper go to File>Special Folders>User Objects Folder. Put them in that folder. Then restart grasshopper with the rhino command "GrasshopperUnloadPlugin" and then launch grasshopper again. 

I have just installed programs. Thank you so much Mr. Pryor :) However "grasshopper breakpoint” problem continue again. Is there any solution for this problem?


how did you solve problem?I have same 

Dear all,

I can use the Ladybug smoothly. But honeybee is not flying and gives the warnings in attached file. I suppose I do not have the necessary files, where can I find it if it is missing?

Could you help me please?
Thank you..

Hi Mısra;
The problem was the version of the grasshopper. I loaded the new version and went to File>Special Folders>User Objects Folder. And the file which included the files ladybug-honeybee put them in that folder. Then restart grasshopper and wrote "GrasshopperUnloadPlugin" and then launched grasshopper again.
That's all..





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