algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all, I'm a really new grasshopper user,

I have a problem to understand how to find the biggest inscribed rectangle in any graphics.


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Do you mean the bounding box? There is a component for the bounding box and you can easily convert it to 2D, if you only need a rectangle.


This might be solved using Kangaroo2.

uuu.. that looks nice. Okay, I see its the inside box, not bounding box.

I remember there was also another thread about finding the largest rectangle that can fit inside a bunch of curves.

HHHHH~~~That's OK~~Can you tell me the name of the component??

Thank you~~~

Is there any possible component in Kangaroo2?

Can you tell me the name of the component?? Thank you!

This might be solved using Kangaroo2.


Thank you for forwarding the video to me!!!

Do you have the "gh" file??

Thank you very much!!!!It's very nice!!

But I have no experience of the C++.......

I have to studied it carefully before there is any simple method to solve this problem~~


The C# is in a component, so you don't have to go inside :-)

If you have some problem to obtain what you want with scripts provided as example, you can come back with your own script, explaining what you have as data and what you want to make with them.  

I am not sure there is a simple method. It depends on the precision you want, the type of graphics (not clear, is it bitmaps, polyline, Bezier ...






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