algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i want to use 7 points to attract such grid point, how to do?

i want to attract a grid of points, by attract points, to make the points go toward the attractor, to make the points near the attractor be more dense


but when i want to do this on severy attractors, it seems strange.

is there any one can help me to figure out this problem in grasshopper or kangaroo?



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use 7 attractors then feed the results into max components

It looks like the influences of the attractors are overlapping and thereby creating the void spaces.

can you explain how did you manage to do it please?  attractor points?


I'm still new to Grasshopper and am just now playing around with fields and attractors.  I'm trying to do something very similar; just using an attractor point or points to pull other points towards it (very basic, I know).  However, I can't figure out how to get the vectors to work.  I kind of understand how to use the fields and attractors to change the scale of objects for example, but I can't seem to make the points move towards the attractor points.  I imagine it has to do with vectors.  Any help or links to similar discussions would be appreciated.






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