algorithmic modeling for Rhino

How would you approach modelling something like the Morpheus Hotel by Zaha hadid?

Hi guys

Let's suppose you want to model a solid like the Morpheus Hotel; just the overall shape and not that "white cage" around the solid (roughly a parallelepiped with an hole in the middle than, an hole more or less shaped like that one of course).

And let's suppose that for obvious reasons you are using grasshopper with every plugin you want.

Well, now that we have our scenario, what would be your wrokflow for a shape like that? 

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Have you seen the mc Neel webinar which is on Vimeo ?
It will explain a lot on methodology used for Morpheus hotel
The hole is tspline but could be replicated with meshes and smooth with subd from rhino WIP. Not a great need of Grasshopper!
I did it and now I replicate the white structure
Yes you're right. There's no actual need of Grasshopper. I was just trying to find an alternate solution ti t-spline. Maybe free like Grasshopper, but obviously also Rhino would work.

I don't know if it's the correct approach, but for now i'm trying with network and blend surface. I Will post the results

This isn't the approach used, but it is possible to achieve a somewhat similar effect using dynamic relaxation in Bullant or Kangaroo if you're looking at exploring the design in Grasshopper.  Refinement by sub-d could help achieve a more aesthetic result.  It also might be possible to use strengthening curves or similar (I only spent a few minutes putting it together).


here is the approach with Sub-d from Rhino Serengeti/Sub-d/6.

If you just need to keep mesh, use Catmull-Clark from weavebird plugin

I join a file don't worry if it says the version is not good. But before install weavebird







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