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How to replace an <empty> branch with a null branch or a "0" value?

Hi Guys,

How could I insert a null branch (or a "0" value) where there are <empty> branches? I tried replacing empty ("") strings but the "replace string" components does not recognize empty strings. Confused.

Many thanks,


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Hi Arthur,

Try this one.
It's a bit cumbersome, but it could be useful, until somebody posts a more elegant solution.


Hi , test null recognises empty branches, and if you plug a string to a number it returns a null item

This is my usual solution...

Thanks a lot Andrew! Is the null component from GH just out of curiosity?

You can make it as a cluster, with only cluster output.

Thanks Djordje! What would you place in the cluster though?

You can use either this solution, or above presented by Doctor No.


Hi Arthur et al.

I'm sure since 0.9.0002 there has been a component dedicated to this. Not at a computer to check but there should be a [Replace Null] component. Might not work on <empty> though.


Hi Danny :) Unfortunately the replace null doesn't replace <empty> branches from what I have tried.

Hi Arthur,

try this solution.


HI David

I have a similar problem , I have a set of line lenghts components....whenever some of this component is empty I would like to get a "0"  on the output thus to populate a list having always same nr of items + to use those 0's for further calculation

I tried to use your definition but I am not able to convert those empty  panels in to useable numbers ( 0 ) 

any advice ?

many thanks , cheers


Im pretty sure there is a replace null component now.






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