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How can I render Mesh colors?

I got those from Geco, as an irradiation level indicator. But when I render it, I am simply getting the color of a layer in which these meshes have been baked.

Any help?

Thank you.

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hi vincent,

what am I doing wrong?


I need more info. Attach the mesh and/or post the error message that you get in the red component.

And, obviously, you need to change the file path to the image.

no, i need more info. (:

ok i just put your def to grasshopper canvas.

but i can't see the geometry with the colors.

therefor my question!


Ah, you didn't reference new geometry. The problem is then that you are running Rhino 4. The script uses a method "mesh.unweld" that is not available in Rhino 4.


You have to either use Rhino 5 or manually unweld the mesh in Rhino 4.

For the second option:

- Double click on the script component with the error to edit the code

- Comment out the first line (type ' before the line), press OK.

- Bake the mesh to Rhino

- Run the _weld command. Use "0" as angle.

- Reference the unwelded mesh back into GH


The problem with this method is that unwelding in Rhino changes the vertex normals so the mesh will look more faceted.

yes, i tested your def with r4.



hello vicente,

your script (as the only thing so far) already took me quite close to my aim to export vertex colour and render them via obj. thanx for sharing!

but there is still one problem:

this should be a smooth transition. somehow the vertex within a face are put out of order.

when i look at a really simple example i noticed that there each vertex colour is export 8 times (right) to the bitmap; wouldn't it be possible write 4 pixel (like on the left) for this 4 vertex mesh? or am i overseeing something?

Vincente answered that on another thread. He needs to explode the mesh into individual triangles in order to make some internal functions work.

This is the thread that Hannes is referring to:

This script is far from a perfect solution but it shouldn't be as bad as that image. Can you post the mesh with vertex colors so I can take a look?

Christian, on the other thread people where trying to render in Cinema 4D, where are you exporting to?

I just installed Cinema 4D to test it and it seems to work perfectly fine. I exported the mesh as a .obj file.

Rhino displaying the mesh vertex colors (no material with texture):

Cinema 4D render in viewport, object has assigned a material with the texture from the script in the color slot:

thank you for your help!

i attached the mesh file. maybe you could just try it to see how it works - because the strange thing is with you horse it example it worked fine for me too but with this example it still looks somehow faceted..

but of course quite likely that i'm confusing something :)







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