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How to remove all duplicate curves from a 2D voronoi cell structure?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to remove all duplicate curves when the 2D voronoi component creates cells with overlapping curves.

I found the 'join curves' component, but I guess that doesn't remove duplicates only connects.

I also found the remove duplicate lines component from Karamba, but it only works with lines, and I'm puzzled on how to convert the curves into lines.

Thanks for any feedback,


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cleanSetOfLine takes the document tollerance...

What version of Kangaroo are you running?

I just downloaded the latest version.

Oh wait... I can't believe this, I STILL have duplicate lines. But when I set the tolerance too high, I'm losing lines...

Okay, I'm lost :)

just do what the screenshot shows. points>voronoi>brep components>remove dup lines.

Okay, I did, see my attached document.

When I bake the 'dupLn' component, I still end up with duplicate lines.

Am I doing something wrong with the baking then?


cant open it, I'm on rhino 4

here's the Rhino 4 document, just some random points


are you remembering to flatten? as you see only one line each here.

oh damn :) That's it! I'm such a rookie...

Thanks for your patience Michael, this will save me lots and lots of work!






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