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Hi all,

My questions is how to move very close points to one point in order to make them the same. See attached image for reference..

1. I tried 'closest point on crv' but it is not what I really want cause I want all the end point or start point to move to one point but not to move to the closest point on the nearest crv.


2. I tried 'closest point' but I don't really know how to exclude the same point which they compare with themselves. Even I do know how to do it in monkey, but I don't know how to embed them in in gh.


3. It is a little tricky cause the crvs' directions are different, thus, it is not always the case that all the start points of the crvs is close to one another but some of them are actually end points. So I guess I have to find a way to create a whole list of endpoints and startpoints, and then compare each of them to find the closest one.


I might not describe my question clearly but I think you could get a general sense of what I want to do.


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If it's a mesh, you can use native grasshopper components to join and weld the mesh faces, I've attached an example.



As long as the surface can be "rebuilt" from corner points (normally 3 or 4 of them but can probably be done with more) then there is no reason for the surface to be flat (in fact it to some tolerance it probably won't be flat if you "move" nodes).


Hope it helps,



Thanks, Jon. I just realized that more often I try to think some definition which rhino or gh has already built as an command. However, do you know if there any way to keep the mesh's property(in my case, color and group) remained when I bake them? In another word, not join several meshes together but actually move their close vertices to an average point?
If you want to retain Rhino attributes, then it's probably a better idea to do this in Rhino and not as a grasshopper sequence. I can enable a command to do this in StructDrawRhino if it helps, some sample geometry to test it on would help me do this more quickly.  You can email me if you prefer,






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