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I am a beginner of GhPython.

I want to use the points from grasshopper directly, but I cannot.

I guess there must be some ways to declare x should be a point.

So, what is the right method that I can use points generating from grasshopper directly?

Thank you so much.


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The syntax can be a bit simpler too. You can make the "if" statemen...

the syntax could be a bit simpler too. we can make the if statement at the beginning for both the (x,y) and assign their dimensions.

next, we could assign "ln" and "pt" to output the constructed line and point in their separate grasshopper object.

Im still new to Python so it feels good to learn and share here.


Giulio, is there a small primer or reference to better understand all the settings for the GHpython component?  As Benjamin Golder explained earlier in this post, there are a lot of settings you can change and things that everyone may not understand.  A good primer like his post would be good to have downloaded when you download the component from the Food4Rhino site.  Are there any more references for better understanding the settings somewhere?


Thanks for the hint Andrew,

have you looked the the component "Help" menu? This was not available in the first release of GhPython. Right now, all documentation that is available is there.

In any case, following users' request, I am removing the "target document" settings right now, and making these specifications work together for each input. This will be in the upcoming version of GhPython.

Which other settings would you like to have explained?


- Giulio






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