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Hi everyone,

I have a mesh with a texture on it.

I would like to go to a specific 3D location on the mesh and then find the color of the texture that is uv mapped to that location.

Would that be possible?

Thank you for any feedback!

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Not with the native components. It is possible to get the closest parameter on a mesh, then evaluate the mesh at that location. However the mesh evaluate component does not output texture coordinates.


David Rutten

Okay, thanks.

I would like to do this with VB. I found that I can access the texture coordinates there.

If I find the location of a texture coordinate on the mesh, could I then somehow lookup a color on a location in a 2D image?


When I use mesh eval with a colored mesh I don't get any color coordinates...  does this part of the component work? 

Is there another way to find out what the intermediate value of the mesh color is?


The colour interpolator is hosed for some reason. It's an outstanding bug.


David Rutten

I managed to fix it. It's a bug in the RhinoCommon C++ SDK so it'll start working the next time a Rhino5 Service Release goes out.


David Rutten

Awesome!  Thanks David.

it still doesnt work in rhino sr7 . i cant get color values at evaluation point. what am i doing wrong?






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