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How to cull first N columns. last N columns, then invert?

Hi all,

I'm trying to cull the first N (in this case 3) number of rows (U direction) , and then an N number of last rows (also 3 here). Then I also want to do the same for columns (V directions).

My questions:

1. How can I specific 'last, second to last, third to last' so I do not have to use actual numbers that will be different for each surface or direction? In this case I have to use 38,39,40 for V direction, and 30,31,32 for U direction. And if I change my U and/or V count they I lose the proper last 3 to cull.

2. How do I invert my culling so what shows in green (the middle now) is actually the outside border (shown red now)

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you do that by using a minus for example the last index is -1.

see attached. I am sure there is a better way but since nobody answered you can use that.


that's a great way! I had no idea. This allows me to change my point count of the surface and still maintain my culling.

Any ideas on how to invert the result? So the pints selected are the ones being culled?


they are both there, red ones inse,aquamarine ones outside, also you should get rid of one of the flatten, i think

oooh! I missed that. thsi is very elegant. Thanks so much!

"Treesloth" plugin has a very handy component(Trim Data Ends)to do this.






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