algorithmic modeling for Rhino

How do i join all the dots and make a column out from it

I dun want a tube, i want a square column

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Have you ever looked over my definition in my first post?
Recreating a tutorial according to the screenshot is a good habit in terms of learning, btw
Opening a definition and examine it step by step is also a good way to you.
Try inputing "x-1" in the expression editer on the RMB I/O Modifiers.

Thank you so much, didn't realise you have posted the definition in the first post til now =))))

how can I draw stair within the tower? something like this picture



Read this first especially 7 & 7b, and next time, you should show up your trials and errors first.

Check attached definition and examine it step by step. there's no need to ask any more questions.

Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor, so, one of the great advantage is it's self-explanatory characteristic.


Where's the fun slide?






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