algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Any ideas in how I could make this kind of pattern?

I have no idea where to start!

Please any help would be great

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The definition is in my reply below, though i'd rather recommend trying some of the other scripts people have posted in the mirrored discussion.

Looks like a "shift frame" type structural system:

thanks taz, I was looking for that name...

a little tweaking an you could model something like that using kangaroo for visualization purposes; making it work for a construction-precise model would be harder, but still doable using the same method I think

I dont think that kangaroo its need it I can only use grasshopper right?

Jacek Jaskólski do you think you can give me a little hand if I need it?

I woul really apreciate it!


I'm sure there are other ways to do it, it's just that using a physical solver seems the most straightforward to me, since I'm already quite familiar with it.

Lorenz Lachauer's example you linked looks promising, but I'm pretty sure that's an approximation, not the precise geometry, again - more than enough for visualization purposes. What's your goal here - a theoretical project or do you want to build the thing?

In any case I'd suggest exploring the discussion taz linked as well the rest of the forum and other sources, I'm sure you'll find a solution which will work for you.

If you do decide to go with the kangaroo apporach then there's some learing ahead of course, for starters you can experiment with the definition with which I made the video - see attachment.

Good luck and please share your process & progress here!


wow nice...thanks taz... there is so much stuff out htere that I have no idea about! no days there is too many info out there to get a grip of all of it.

thanks I dindt now about this project.

will take a look

more info & definition here

Nice thanks!

actually this proyect aint mine! I am helping out a class mate :P

he doesnt know much about grasshopper....well neither do I

he is going to actually build this out....we are still in process of desing. soon I can up load stuff out!







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