algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Any ideas in how I could make this kind of pattern?

I have no idea where to start!

Please any help would be great

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Francisco, prueba con una variación del fractal

lo podrás armarlo  con

,"se me ocurrió cuando vi el patrón que deseas estructurar...un Fractal!!!...o algo parecido" :D


hola, explorare lo que me dices aver si es que algo resulta! crees que podrias darme una manito con esto?



Are you interrested only in the 2D pattern (in that case it's just a simple copy/array) or do you want to model the structure in 3D?

well I wanna do it in 3d but first I should start with a 2d pattern.

do you think you can help me?

just give me a hint


attached simple 2D pattern definition to get you started,
you can adjust the widths & lengths of the horizontal and vertical parts:

depending where you want to go with this in 3D, I imagine it could become quite tricky. I think setting this up with kangaroo would be a very interresting experiment and would give you a close-to-reality model


Thanks jacek! kangaroo? why?

this is really usefull to me! I can do something with this now!

I will show you what I come up with later.

I can project this lines into a surface! and the pipe them! thanks!

if you project the lines onto a surface you'll get curved segments, to avoid that you can decompose the lines (Endpoints component) first, project the resulting points onto the surface and then connect the projected points with the Line component.

but this type of modification will modify your base pattern in a freeform manner, meaning that the lenghts of the lines won't be equal anymore (and this is fine if you don't care about this that much).

on the other hand, if you were to set this up in kangaroo, the virtual model could greatly resemble the physical model you've shown on the photo - the sticks can't change their lenghts obviously, but the connections permit rotating movement to some extent.

hey dude you really seems to know what you are talking about thanks again!

its getting really really tricky!

this is the pattern that I am wishing to achive!

this is why I love kangaroo, a 15 minute setup on the existing definition and we've got something up and running, very coarse, but you get the idea.

as for your new image, Francisco, it's a module a bit different than before, do you know how do you want to multiplicate it?

oh man thats just amazing! I havent have anytime to get into any new kind of thing with grasshopper...that looks just amazing!

well talking about my question. it is the same kind of pattern but before I was just only looking from the top view.

but that the kind of metodology I wanna use, something very similar to this

I was trying to learn from

but the link doesnt seem to work anymore

here more images of the project

Hello, Jacek. Could you please show definition used in this action? I'm trying to do this kind of stuff using in the page below

I'm trying on my own but it doesn't work...






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