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I am trying to generate a height field using the image sampler. The image does not seem to be mapping to the surface correctly and I am not sure why. Been scratching my head on this one for a while, and I think it is a simple fix. Can anyone help me?






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Have no fear... I have resolved the issue.

Hey, i have similar problem..

i trying to map image on surface (similar like yours, i put .3dm so toy can try)?

I think it simple, but i couldnt make it.

I tryed with surface division..but im stuck..




Your rhino file does not tell me much a there is no associating ghx file. One thing I can tell you straight off, is that you are better off working with a mesh. Mesh contain less information than NURBS and can have practically any topology.

All you need to do is send the vertices of your mesh into the image sampler and use the output values to move the vertices along the vector(s) of your choice. 

I will try to dig up the old file but I fear it may be lost... in the abyss.

how to properly set up an image sampler so the image always fits to the surface. It is just as easy with NURBS, mesh, to me
is not desired as it had limited editing afterwards. just connect image sample output to an amplitude component with a vector direction and connect that to the vector in move.






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