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Heads Up Display with Human from Andrew Heumann on Vimeo.


Just added two new components to the Human plug-in which make it easy to create a crisp, flicker-free heads-up display in the Rhino viewport. Text and Meshes can be displayed to one or all viewports, and meshes can remain fixed or orbit along with the view. For text, custom fonts are supported, and for meshes, shaded and vertex-color displays are both permitted. Geometry can be displayed at an absolute pixel size, or set to scale with the viewport. Take a look at the video and download the new release today!

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super nice the new heads up display! one idea: would it be possible to create coloured (or just black) mesh edges for the projected heads up mesh? the geometry would be much better to perceive

Horst - I may create an additional component that draws curves in the same way as the mesh. That way you could manually supply the mesh edges and display them on top.  Would that be sufficient? Generally I prefer not to have mesh edges shown. 

would be great! even lagends would be a smart way to display interesting data....


Phenomenal work! I spent a fair bit of time trying to find mashup ways of getting this done until I came across your thread. To say I am happy is an understatement!

Three questions I have for you:

A) Are you aware of any way we can plug the existing grasshopper legend component into your render mesh to screen component.

B) What is the best way to have surfaces render to screen - mesh and plug into mesh to screen component?

C) One issue i seem to have is very spidery text when my size goes below about 15Pt's using your method - any recommendations on making the text display clearly?

Keep up the great work!








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