algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Heads Up Display with Human from Andrew Heumann on Vimeo.


Just added two new components to the Human plug-in which make it easy to create a crisp, flicker-free heads-up display in the Rhino viewport. Text and Meshes can be displayed to one or all viewports, and meshes can remain fixed or orbit along with the view. For text, custom fonts are supported, and for meshes, shaded and vertex-color displays are both permitted. Geometry can be displayed at an absolute pixel size, or set to scale with the viewport. Take a look at the video and download the new release today!

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Here's the example file I used in the video. It requires the new Human, Tree Frog, and Lunchbox. 


I think you are good at grasshopper.haaaaaa.Could I ask you some question when I have some question about grasshopper?

really nice...looking forward to having a play. great tool for data viz!

Really useful... Thanks Andrew!

Awesome! Have you thought about coming to the London GH users' meeting next month :)

wanna fly me out? A round trip ticket from seattle to london is only a few thousand bucks :D

Just kidding. I could probably pull something together to present remotely - is that a possibility?

You'd need to ask Paul Cowell or Arthur. I was just thinking about having a beer :)

Paul + Arthur had already reached out to me about presenting and I expressed my interest although I haven't heard anything since. Unfortunately a challenge (though not impossible) to have a beer via skype...

Nice work Andrew! I love the fun Mesh components too! Nice bonus in the example file. Thanks!

Can't take credit for those - they're from Mesh+ by David Mans. he's got a whole great set - check them out!


As always, amazing work. These are fantastic, cant wait to use them.

Have you thought about integrating a larger set of GUI objects?

I was doing some work building off the contents from the "Spagetti" post,

Using windows forms to create:

- Gradient Bars, for analysis results

- Slider, Drop-down, and Toggle components

- Tables, for displaying 2d sets of data without the need for excel

unfortunately have not yet had the time to complete/ package it.

These would be great additions to the HUD.

This is a great idea - would love to see what you've been working on. I'm a little wary of a Forms-based approach though - 1. it's not something I know too much about and 2. it doesn't seem to "play well" all the time - showing up in front of windows it shouldn't etc. etc. Still, definitely worth looking at, especially considering how useful it would be to build in interactivity.






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