algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Guys,

Would anyone know a good book or website about gridshells ?



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Hi Arthur.
I think I have it - contact me via LinkedIn.
Mo (Emtech,AA)
Hi Mo,
Thanks a lot!
I am not sure how to find you on linkedin:( could you send it to me on
thanks again,
Hey Mo,

Can I get a copy too? Or could you post it?

Thank you.
Glad to hear my gridshell paper was useful. Happy to share, I have attached it to this reply, if it doesn't work feel free to contact me. If we are really talking about gridshells, it is important to remember that the surface is first a structural shell, with the gridshell being one type of shell structure. Martin Bechtold's new book, "Innovative Surface Structures_Technologies and Applications" is very thorough in this regard. I'd also check out his "On Shells and Blobs" published in the Harvard Design Magazine in Fall 2003/Winter 2004. A beautiful recently completed gridshell is the Savill building by Glen Howells Architects, but important to note the engineer in all of these gridshells: Buro Happold.

A great challenge for the Grasshopper community would be to develop a definition (I presume through VB script) to utilize the "shortpath" command in Rhino which gives the geodesic curve on a surface. My paper makes clear why this is significant. I had to wean myself off Grasshopper as I was enjoying it too much.
Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Haven't learned programming yet, but found
Public Function RhinoShortPath(ByRef Srf As IOnSurface, ByRef start As IOn2dPoint, ByRef end As IOn2dPoint, tol As double) As OnCurve
in the SDK.

So I believe that it would be possible to get geodesic curves on surfaces.
Hi Mark,

Is it possible for you to send me a copy of your paper?
Sure I will upload it here for today, and then take it down. By the way, the latest Grasshopper release has a new component for Geodesics (shortest path).
I have a few questions for you regarding gridshells, appropriate digital tools for gridshells, and material feedback

. I would love for you to see what we're currently working on; it is a band shelter for Milwaukee's Lake Park. Could you please email me so I can bounce a PDF back to you?
Thank You in advance,
Erik Walsh
La Dallman Architects
Just popping in to the discussion, but I happen to have an MIT engineering thesis paper on gridshells I found online.

It's an interesting reference with case studies and details, except most of the photos are washed out.

Hi Mark, 


I read your paper and it was amazing, I am working on form finding and optimization of gridshells as my Ph.D. thesis, I would be really appreciated if you could help me with that. I need to know more about these topics. 





What about looking at the works of
Frei Otto. He was head of the IL
(Institute Lightweightstructures)
in Stuttgart.
All their publications are rather interesting.
For example:

IL 24, Prinzip Leichtbau; IL 24, Lightweight Principle
Dtsch.-Engl.. (Form, Kraft, Masse 4; Mitteilungen des Instituts für leichte Flächentragwerke der Universität Stuttgart)
Frieder Klenk
Hrsg.: Univ. Stuttgart, Institut für Leichte Flächentragwerke -IL-;
1998, 288 S. m. zahlr. Abb., 2 Beil. 21 x 27 cm, Kartoniert/Broschiert
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN 978-3-7828-2024-0 | Krämer, Stuttgart
Yes most definitely Frei Otto should be considered a primary source. IL 10 (1974), is named "Gridshells"...if you can find it. ISBN Nr. 3-7828-2010X or
ISBN NO. 0-81 50-0664-0.






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