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Hello Forum,

I am a student of architecture from Denmark and have a design task where I have to make a grid distortion. I know Rhino but I am very new to Grasshopper.


I would appreciate it if someone could help me do this (see the image bellow)


Thank you very much ;)



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Anyone that can help me? Pleasee i m in need:)
Have a look at this thread. Particularly Daniel Piker's response.
dear danny,

would it be possible for you to simplified daniels definition?
1. 2D
2. maybe use an attractor.

apologize if i put you under pressure,
but i'm sure you can do it.

many thanks
take a look at the 3rd,4th,and5th example on this page. Try it out then attach interpolatecurve to the list of points, then also connect the list of points into a flipmatrix component and plug the flipmatrix component into another interpolate curve component, this will result in a curve grid. For multiple attractors just repeat the attractor part of the definition and calculate their sum with either min or max. then use that data to influence the point movement. Keep trying.

hi sir,

is there a way to dissort twisted box on a surface ? i tried but i could just do it with range and graph mapper. is there any method to dissort using attractors






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