algorithmic modeling for Rhino

helo.... i am new to this thing.... can anyone tell me what is the difference between using visual programming and textual programming......

which is much better?

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I am very far of to know much about it, but if you're considering learn to program, three questions, if you see it interesting, if you see it entertaining, and if you want to develop new tools or make innovative designs, do it. With grasshopper you work with molecules, from code you work with their atoms.

The advantages of grasshopper: simple to use, intuitive, quick to read (an algorithm), nice, robust components, many interoperability, the benefits of using graphics, the magic of making complex things quickly and easily...
The advantages of programming source code: access to other libraries, the benefits of object-oriented programming (creating your own classes, functions, libraries... with an organic hierarchy), maximum customization of functions or components, create your own tools in a deeper level, increase understanding of rhino, more creative possibilities...

Both have pros and cons, one better than another depending on what you need to do.

so u say.... much better complex designs can be achieved with the help of coding.

If you have no backroung in coding, better start with grasshopper and it will introduce you to logics; will give you faster understanding of how things are done. At a point of your life when you realize that GH is not enougn for you - go deeper to actual programming. In my opinion.

thnx daniel and victor........






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