algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am interested to hear other peoples "theories" about Grasshopper. How do you believe grasshopper can be used? How do you go about creating a definition? How is grasshopper limited? I'll get it started... (no matter how limited my understanding of GH is ;))

-I know that Grasshopper can efficiently manipulate datasets. Therefore users can focus on manipulating datasets that then go on to create geometry. This method is better than creating geometry and then trying to manipulate it

-The "links" between nodes give the user the opportunity to further define their definition.

-Start with a simple definition that represents what you want to achieve, then refine it

Feel free to correct and add to my thoughts, but dont forget to explain your own theories!

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I think imagination is the first limitation - every time i come here, i'm surprised by new posts/works/videos/definitions with different applications.

The main use i thought of when i first used grasshopper is the parametric control of geometry; with the VB.NET and C# components, recursion enters the game and complexity rises.

Hope to read from the developers ;)
Yah, the parametric qualities of grasshopper is what initially brought me in, but now it seems like I am interested in a new realm of computational design every week!
The problem is the complexity,
When I look at a definition I like to find the way out simply. As the map of the definition grows the code must enter to the definition more and more. To make people start scripting GH is a good platform, it is attractive like a toy and for the beginning it is very simple. Pro users will use more code and less components in the future. It is strongly possible that we will see really complex definitions realized by only the code component and the sliders and it will be out of the concept of GH. But for getting attention on the scripting size it is huge leap. We can also see it through this web site:)
I think the biggest pro in grasshopper is that you can see geometrical and logical connections and relations in realtime. I think using GH is not much easier than scripting, but you can understand parametric models way better, when you move sliders and see the direct result. that is what makes GH interesting for presentations to clients, that are not so deep into digital design as we nerds are :)






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