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Hi everyone,


What is Grasshopper?


A quite simple Question, but very difficult to answer. I tried to define it, but whatever I came up with, did not reflect the real power and greatness of this fabulous tool.

So today I opened a grasshopper 3d article at wikipedia with a minimal definition


and would like to invite you all to help define this peace of software.










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Hey!  Nice.  I just added Grasshopper_3d to the Visual Programming Language article and linked back to the page you set up.

I've never really got into wikis before but, I think someone in the know needs to address the issue highlighted on the page you linked to as it is up for deletion.



It is proposed that this article be deleted because of the following concern:
Non-notable software; fails the general notability guideline.

If you can address this concern by improvingcopyeditingsourcingrenaming or merging the page, please edit this page and do so. You may remove this message if you improve the article or otherwise object to deletion for any reason. However please explain why you object to the deletion, either in your edit summary or on the talk page. If this template is removed, it should not be replaced.

The article may be deleted if this message remains in place for seven days, i.e. after 13:32 on 5 February.
If you created the article, please don't take offense. Instead, consider improving the article so that it is acceptable according to the deletion policy.

Notify author/project: {{subst:proposed deletion notify|Grasshopper 3d|concern=Non-notable software; fails the [[WP:GNG|general notability guideline]].}} ~~~~
Timestamp: 20110129133248"
nice work Andrea!
Would it be okey if I use your images to translate it into Polish ? I would like to translate some of yoursdescription and add some more text.

This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.



that didn't quite work the way I expected it to work. (It was my fist Wikipedia article)


Seems like the wikipedia admins have no idea of the relevance of this software.

I would suggest to maybe collect a bunch of Infos here in the forum first and try again.


So, If you have made an academic publication including Grasshopper, maybe just post it here.

(There should be some)


I was thinking about some information that could be interesting:


- When was the first Beta Released?

- How many people are downloading the Software if there is a new release?

- Which Universities offer classes in Grasshopper?





I think citing built projects and listing universities and conferences where papers were published utilizing GH would be a step in the right direction.  Citing self-referential web sources like this forum does not count so much.

Hi Karl, thanks for your effort. I think this is a good idea so I will take a stab at adding my two cents worth:

Here are two articles I was involved with which reference grasshopper. The first one discuss the early development of DIVA, which is now being used at many architecture schools (Harvard, Yale, Penn, Berkeley, USC...) and design firms. The second one discusses development of a solar envelope and energy plus component in grasshopper which is also being used for urban design and research. Should have another publication soon involving grasshopper and thermal analysis...


K Lagios, J Niemasz and C F Reinhart, "Animated Building Performance Simulation (ABPS) - Linking Rhinoceros/Grasshopper with Radiance/Daysim", Accepted for Publication in the Proceedings of SimBuild 2010, New York City, August 2010 (full article).


J Niemasz, J Sargent, C F Reinhart, "Solar Zoning and Energy in Detached Residential Dwellings", Proceedings of SimAUD 2011, Boston, April 2011.


The Graduate School of Design and Harvard offers grasshopper tutorials each semester. In addition I have given a tutorial on its use with environmental simulaitons in September 2010.


I gave grasshopper demonstrations with daylighting simulations at the 8th International Radiance Conference in 2009 as well as the 2009 and 2010 Executive Education course on Daylighting Buildings at Harvard.



Well, if I search the word "grasshopper" on Google, the first link

points here.

Where anybody can find 8500+ members, 5500+ images ect.

If that is not enough for Stephen, OK.

I think GH can live and grow without Wikipedia.



Hi Emilio,


I think it would be nice to have a Wikipedia article.


Just because one admin (Stephen) doesn't get the importance of GH right away, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be mentioned there.


Hi Karl,

I'm not against having a Wikipedia article, although I don't see it as a must.

I've seen deletion of articles on WP happen other times in the past. No fake arguments or advertising or obscure text. Just things they decided were not important.

That's OK, they can manage their web site the way they like.

But then I decided that being cited on WP or not is not important to me.

I see that just like depending on an output from a GH Random component: it may happen or it may not ... I don't mind.  ;)





I've restored the article to your userspace at User:Fraguada/Grasshopper 3d. If a group of you from the company are editing then you must have a look at our guidelines on conflict of interest. The software must be notable. Make sure the article is not a guide to using the software, and is not promotional or spammy. Let me know if you have any other issues, or need any more help. Stephen 00:31, 31 January 2011 (UTC)






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