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Hello All,

I'm wondering if there exists a reference chart that has all the different grasshopper icons on it corresponding with their names? Many example scripts on the site (and web in general) are exemplified with screen grabs and many folks have their display set to icons. It's time consuming to try and search through all the components looking for the right picture. I think this is further compounded by different versions of grasshopper? 

For example the attached image an icon with a tree branch and the input variables of D & S, in my version of grasshopper the exact same icon stands for graft tree, but its input variable is T... 

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Would it be less work to search a giant image for a certain icon?

I attached a file which creates an (unsorted) image of all components. What sort of sorting would be best? Tab + Panel names? Icon hue? Alphabetised name?


David Rutten


cool! thank you for the list, david. 

as far as sorting the list goes, in general having a few options (the three you listed) would be helpful. you seemingly did that so quickly/easily, would it be easy as well to spit that list out as a webpage of individual images with searchable text and tooltips/hover text (description and i/o)?

in the particular case of trying to "decode" somebody's attached screenshot, i'd think color sorting would be the most helpful. 

and in the very particular case of the image i attached, i scanned your list multiple times and there is only one matching image—graft tree, but in my version of grasshopper this takes a tree (T) and passes a tree (T), it doesn't take D and S... i assume this is a difference of grasshopper versioning? 

thank you again,


i assume this is a difference of grasshopper versioning?

Could well be. Unfortunately there are lots of components out there that are not standard Grasshopper as well as User Objects, Clusters and Script components. In addition to that plethora, every component can have its icon overridden, though this is typically only done for clusters and script components (try dropping a 24x24 image file on any component and you see what I mean).


David Rutten

this is pretty awesome. Here's what I got....

Thank you for sharing! Has anyone seen this component before? It doesn't seem to be in the list.

Tab and Panel name too if possible though just tab would be a great start. Think this could be a really helpful thing in the office for people wanting to learn Grasshopper or edit/update a script they have been given. As 95% of the computers in the office have standard GH and a few standard plugin's. So the list would match what they have on screen.. And the other 5% are the power users that have added extra plug-in, User Component Etc.

I just discovered this, and I can't post the result because my output image is too big haha.

Is there an opportunity to just export one icon? For Example the Line Icon.

Would help me alot.



You might find the script I wrote for Harsh Gupta here to be of interest - it exports the icons of all components as PNGs - but you can also use it in tandem w/ metahopper to get the icon of any selected component(s) (see attached). You'll need Metahopper from here: 


Thank you! Thats exactly what I needed.


I modified the script to extract the name, nickname, category and subcategory of every component included in my version of Grasshopper, but I want to be able to do the same for the Author attributes. Is it possible to extract Author and Website for every component, or at least for all user objects where this property is available?

There are only 2 types of people in this world... those who recognise components by icon and those who recognise components by sensible, easy to decipher, alphanumeric abbreviations.









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