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Dear all,

Grasshopper and Rhino 4 no longer get along and Grasshopper has decided it's time to move out. As of today, Grasshopper is officially a Rhino 5 only plug-in.

Today we are re-releasing 0.9.0014 with an updated installer that will install Grasshopper on all Rhino 5 installations on a system, be they 32 or 64 bit. There was a snag which prevents us from releasing an updated version and we won't be able to fix this until Rhino 5 SR1, though that shouldn't be all that far off as we've already been typing on SR1 for several weeks.

You can download the new installer from the usual location.

Here are some details, facts and suggestions in no particular order:

  • If you already have Grasshopper 0.9.0014 (released on September 28th 2012) running on Rhino4 and Rhino5, it's best to ignore this release.
  • The new installer will put Grasshopper into ProgramFiles(x86)\Grasshopper for Rhino 5\ or into MyDocuments\ depending on user privilege levels.
  • The new installer should not uninstall Grasshopper from Rhino4.
  • Grasshopper for Rhino4 will never expire.
  • There's no reason why you couldn't keep both the old Grasshopper for Rhino4 and the new Grasshopper for Rhino5.

You can always download the last release of Grasshopper for Rhino4 from our servers if you need to, we'll try and keep it available indefinitely.


David Rutten

Vienna, Austria

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Hi dear david!
how can i install Grasshopper on rhino 5 64 bit?!
I using gh in ""rhino5 32 bit"" but in """rhino5 64 bit"" don't loading?!
I done very well :)))) drag and drop """GrasshopperPlugin.rhp""" file in rhino5 64 bit!!!

Hi David,

After changing to Rhino 5 64bit (final version not beta) and the latest GH release the “sort along curve” component seems not to work properly anymore . 



does that have any effect on the progress of GH for Mac? I'm sorry to bring up this question (guess it's getting annoying), but I'd really like to know...

PS.: I really think your earlier comment on the value of GH community against GH as a commercial product is perfectly to the point.

Keep up the good work!


I have a problem installing new grasshopper for Rhino 5.

I use fresh Windows 8 x64 installation and fresh and latest Rhino 5 x64 build.

Someone posted the same issue above, and the answer was that he had too old Rhino5 version. But I have the latest one and have no idea how to cope with this.

That is very interesting, the error claims that a function is missing from your RhinoCommon SDK and this function is called GetAssemblySearchPaths. This function was added several months ago and it is certainly not the first function that Grasshopper uses. So somehow it all went well up to this point. 

I think we need to establish beyond all doubt that you indeed have a recent RhinoCommon.dll. Please find your Rhino5 installation folder in <Program Files> and then find the RhinoCommon.dll inside that folder. It's probably somewhere similar to this path:

C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5.0 Beta (64-bit)\System\RhinoCommon.dll

Then show the properties for this dll file and tell me the exact size (in bytes) and the version:


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Thank you, David!

Indeed, the version of file remained for somehow untouched while I did the latest Rhino update. I totally reinstalled Rhino, and this time the file updated. 

Great, it pretty much had to be out-of-date dlls as any other problem would not result in that particular error.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Hi David;

And thanks your perfect work

It seams that old c# components is not run in my version of R5.

Would you have an advice to solve the problem?

Hi David,

I  run Rhino 4 and Rhino 5 on Windows7, 32 bits system. Grasshopper works fine with Rhino 4, but when I installed the new Rhino 5 and the latest GH for Rhino 5, I started to get the attached error message when GH starts loading (almost the last stage of loading).

I un-installed and re-installed it, but still the same error. When I checked the plug-ins in the options, it seems that it is loading the right one (from the file path), but I noticed when GH starts loading, it is loading GH version Sep 28, 2012.

Any idea how I can get around this problem?





You have an old Grasshopper I think. Grasshopper.Folders.AllGhaFolder is a method that was added fairly recently and yet it seems something is expecting it to be there.

Note that old versions of Grasshopper do not install on Rhino5 at all (only the very latest installer does this). Could it be that you made a manual copy of GH at some time in the past to get it loaded on Rhino5? If so, this manual copy will not be uninstalled/updated when you reinstall.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Thanks David;

Yes I think the problem is that there seems to be another copy of GH that gets loaded, which is dated Sep 28, 2012. I don't know where is it located on the system though!.

I thought it may be loading it from Rhino 4, but even when I un-installed GH for Rhino 4, GH rhino 5 still loading that version. The strange thing is that when I check Tools-options-plug ins, GH -properties it shows the right file name and path of GrasshopperPlugIn.rhp, and the right registry path too that is in Rhino 5 Plug ins. So why on earth it is loading that previous mysterious copy?, and where it can be located?

Any steps I need to follow that may solve the problem?






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