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Hi,all I can not use the component of Geometry Pipeline well.Who can help me?Thanks

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Maybe you could share what you are trying to do and what goes wrong.

For this example I have 3 curves in the Rhino Document. They are on different layers (Default, Layer 01 & Layer 02)

With the Geometry Pipeline component in its default setup (when you first put it on the canvas) it will not select anything. This is because of the * characters on both the Layer and Name filter, with both of these wild cards you will select everything in the Rhino Document which could lead to a huge run on processor time. Only once you are sure that you have the filter in place should you enable it.

By default nothing selected:

Curve Type enabled by double clicking the second icon from the left:

Layer Filter set to chosen anything starting with "Layer". (Curve on Default not selected)

wild card dropped from Layer Name Filter so only curves on Layer 02 will be selected:

Note: Any combination of the geometry type filters can be used, so you can have all points and curves together etc.

You give me a very detailed explanation.Thanks!

Hello !
Is it possible to use pipeline between GH objects. I mean I have nothing in my Rhino scene. All my objects are GH objects. The definition is long and heavy I need to split and "pipeline" the definition in a new GH file. I have been using Flux for this purpose but have got many many crashes and can't continue with it. I guess a combo between Geometry cache or fabtools advanced bake would do it. haven't tried . Have you any suggestions? 



Hi there, 

How would you input sublayers into the definition? Thank you

Rhino layers use "::" as delimiters, so you can access sublayers like this:


This can go on indefinitely, for example:







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