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Dear Everybody,

the first version of the Grasshopper 0.8 series is available for download. The reason we rolled the minor version number is because clusters are available again (yay).

I'm off to work with the core McNeel team in Seattle for about 2 months tomorrow and I wanted to release this before I left. It's a bit rushed, clusters are definitely not as 'finished' as I'd like them to be, but there should be enough there for some good old customer feedback at least.

Just in case I horked something up, you can still download 0.7.0057 here.

First a basic new features and bug list, then the warning section. If you don't read the warning section you forfeit any rights to complain about this new release.

  ● Added a new Cluster Object. This is very young code, expect big (quite possibly breaking) changes in the future.
  ● Added auto-panning to Drag Object and Draw Wire interactions.
  ● Added canvas curl UI for drag+drop options.
  ● Added default values to the Quad-Face and Tri-Face components.
  ● Added a Tree Split component for separating out branches.
  ● Drag+Drop with text content now creates a new Panel.
  ● Curve data can now convert from a Surface/Brep with a single closed edge loop.
  ● Added runtime message balloon feedback.
  ● VB and C# script components now update immediately when typehints are changed.
  ● VB and C# script components now update immediately when input parameter access is changed.
  ● MoveForward and MoveBackwards arrange options are now available.
  ● Added a Grasshopper Version field to the status bar.
  ● GraphMapper can now adjust intervals, points and vectors in addition to just numbers.
  ● Parameter disconnection menu items now highlight the connection in question on mouse-over.
  ○ The menu short-cuts for Find and Move Forward were both Ctrl+F. Find is now F3.
  ○ Any Undo operation would wreck the Redo stack, this no longer happens.
  ○ Fixed a bug with automatic tooltip resizing.
  ○ Fixed an erroneous "app" autocomplete member in the C# and VB script members.
  ○ Fixed a bug in the CurveCurve intersection SDK code that occured with overlaps.
  ○ Fixed a bug in the PointList display component with stale point data.
  ○ Fixed a nasty bug with stale document caches and undo/redo.
  ○ Custom Preview Meshes would always draw wires regardless of the Grasshopper view setting. This is fixed.

The Aforementioned Warning Section

This pertains mostly to clusters. At present there's no way yet to edit the contents of a cluster. You can make clusters from a selection by clicking on the toolbar cluster button (selected objects remain on the canvas, this will change), or by drag+dropping ghx files onto the canvas and selecting the Cluster Insert mode from behind the curl.

Clusters contents can be opened as new documents via the Cluster object menu, but this code is very icky still. You can edit cluster properties by double clicking on one.

It is entirely possible that clusters will change so much in the near future that old clusters might not read correctly from 0.8.0001 files. Do not use them yet on production work and always make backups.

That's it. Enjoy,


David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia

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Hi Philipp,

1) do you mean the description of parameters in the tooltips? If so, then yes, this is coming soon.
2) what problems? Screen-shot?
3) what problem?
4) I'll look into that. Optionality should be 'inherited' from the parameter inside the cluster that is being accessed.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Here are screenshots

Hi David,
the clusters are great!!

have you erased the vector-vector addition component?
Just use the regular math>addition component...
Hi Tommaso,

the regular addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. components now work on all manner of data types. You can add colours, vectors, numbers, complex numbers, and so on.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Hi David,
Thansk a lot for the update, The use of the regular components to take more inputs is really good. Would it be possible to add some sort of tooltip that shows the possible overloads to components? (sorry if I'm lazy to test them all out!!!).

I've got this error twice today "An exception was trown inside the drawing pipeline: source: system.drawing;Type: Not enough storage is available to process this command"

I'll send you the file by email.


Hi Evert,

all combinations that make sense should be available. If you find that there is an overload you're missing, let me know.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Thanks a lot David. Very promising!
Hi David

Thanks for releasing the GH Version 8!

Even though everything seams to work when GH is open, there is a Message everytime I open GH that I don't know what it means (screenshot as attached file). I deinstalled the old GH Version and then installed the new GH v8. Did I do something wrong with the installation or what is the problem?

Hi Theo,

the problem is a third party plugin. Just move the ghowl r31 out of your grasshopper components folder.

see you on monday

Yes, because some components are being managed for multiple connections, there is an event handler that we use...unfortunately the name of this I think was changed with the latest version (according to Giulio). We'll release an update soon. Keep an eye on the gHowl group here where I will report this kind of thing. I caught the same thing this morning.





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