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Dear testers,

Grasshopper 0.7.0014 is available for download.

This release fixes a number of serious bugs with file reading and scripting components. If you've been using an earlier 0.7 beta, please upgrade to this version. 

Grasshopper 0.7 undoubtedly still contains many bugs and should not be used for important work/files as it is less reliable than 0.6.X

David Rutten
London, UK

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thanks David!
Thanks David! Awesome stuff
Hi David,
I opened a definition wrote in GH 0.6.0059 in this new release 0.7.0014 you just posted and had the following warning message.
Can you please light me on this ?


Hi raf,

can you send me the file?

David Rutten
London, UK

Great release with Galapagos! Can you please post the catenary examples you showed at the AA recently? Thanks.

David Rutten
London, UK
Hi David

I set up Galapagos to solve for the minimum bounding box. It worked great for the generic test case of a rotated box! Thanks again for the release. However, there's some strangeness going on with the bounding box.

On the left is the original with a GH bounding box. The middle is the bottom half (rhino BooleanSplit) with a GH bbox. The right is bottom half with a rhino bbox. As you can see, the middle and the right bboxes are not the same.
Yes I see. I think RhinoCommon too often uses the quick'n'dirty BoundingBox (which operates only on the control-points of geometry) rather than the "tight" BoundingBox which takes trims into account.

I'll see about getting it fixed.

David Rutten
London, UK
thanks David!
any chance of getting a build for rhino 5 64 bit.
David also gave a zip file with example 5 post up
cambrian again!!!!

thanks for galapagos (and the rest of course.)






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