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I am not sure why, but in my definition, gradient is little bit getting out of my range.

I am using several gradient in my definition, and all are working fine, except the last gradient (for the final result).

in the picture they are 2 gray pixel. These should be green like the rest. Anyone know what could be the problem? (The gradient is set only between 0% and 100%)

many thanks in advance!


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Impossible to tell without the definition. From a glance it looks like 1: you dont have anything determining the upper limit of the gradient (L1 input). 2. your entire gradient is gray. 

the definition is too big. I just internalise the data to the gradient.

I just need discrete color. in my case i need gray and green. 


What is the criteria that should determine if it is gray or green?

the green is when the values are greater then 250, grey when they are less then 250.

I suspect its just that your data really does not make sense. For instance in the second branch you are giving 20 colors to 12 pixels - So based on longest list rules your last pixel in that list is getting 8 colors. You will have to fix that data for any real help. 

Or just use "Shortest List" with trim end works for you?

ah, with shortest list, it looks better, but still one pixel ist missing...

It is a list management issue, Something you are not doing correctly. You will have to go through the definition and really look at how you are passing your data along. 

ok. I am not sure what is the problem. I will check it tomorrow. 

but thx for your replies though!







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