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Hi all,

i have a data set in which im trying to map in rhino. but the points of the long and lat ive got from google maps dont seem to be matching the general england map.

i know there's a way of using elk to reset the points to fit the osm map. however i havent used elk (as england would be too big to download). is there anyway to fit coordinates from google maps to fit the map properly?



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if you set the EarthAnchorPoint in Rhino - to tell it which xyz point corresponds to a given latitude/longitude anchor - you can then use this one-line script to get the Model-Earth transform: 

A = RhinoDocument.EarthAnchorPoint.GetModelToEarthTransform(RhinoDocument.ModelUnitSystem);

You can use this in tandem with the "Transform" component in GH to transform any geometry in world coordinates to lat/lon - or use "inverse transform" to transform geometry drawn in lat/lon coordinates into world space. Hope that helps! 

Hi Andrew, this is exactly wat I'm trying to do (but for Iceland!)

Are you able to explain the process in a slightly simpler way? I'm not sure where to enter the script, and I tried the "EarthAnchorPoint" commancd within Rhino but it asked me to set the longitude and latituide?

Appologies for being a grasshopper begginer!


Yes! You have to do that! Latitude and longitude, X and Y, whatever it is. You need at least two parameters to DEFINE one point.

Sorry, I dont think I have done a very good job of explaining myself here.

I have the longitude and lattitude co-ordinates of all of the points I want to plot, however because of the curvature of the earch they become "squashed" when plotting a large distance. The images below should explain what I mean slightly better. The one with the white background at the bottom is what I have created with grasshopper. The one on the top is where the points should be. (well some of them - the image i have made is for all accomodation, the google map is just b&bs, but you get the idea!)







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