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Go back to previous tree structure after set of operations?

Hello all,

I am currently trying to generate a set of curves by connecting points.

These points are first in a straight line, as they are product of a division of a line.

Then I move those points based on 6 different repulsion categories.

Once I successfully move these points and want to interpolate them to generate the new curve, the points are all in wrong order, and I cant go back to the correct order for interpolation.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

PD: Sorry Hyungsoo, had to re think my issue hence the new post.

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The problem is that I use a cull pattern to re structure my tree. So an original tree of 78 branches (78 lines) becomes 407 branches (407 circles). Then I perform a move on the 407 branch tree but now I need to go back to 78. Unflattening the tree organizes the points in wrong order....

i think you could have a look at replace members

When cull patterns reorder the objects from your original path structure (as it does here), your best bet is to extract your original path structure and let it follow the same reordering processes that are being applied to the objects in question. Then you can flatten your re-ordered objects, graft them into a new, simple tree (one path per object) and reapply your original data structure using the replace paths component.


David! That is great! Thank you.

So that was the way huh? I knew I was missing components knowledge to solve this. Thanks for the explanation, lesson learned.'s one way, at least. :)






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